Collectively, the two of us we have over 55 years of fundraising experience.  We have been working together for over 15 years now and love what we do.  Plus, we just have a ton of fun. That is why a few years ago we started a major gift agency called Veritus Group.

Veritus Group is not a traditional, stuffy, major gifts agency.  We are unique in that we are data driven, which drives our major gift strategy.  We’re not about campaigns or annual funds, which are tactics.  We are about understanding donor behavior and applying solid individual donor strategy, along with focused management in order to deepen the relationship between the donor and the non-profit.  Great things happen as a result.

We are passionate about our work.  We are passionate about life.  We care deeply for our clients.  We are two people who want to make a difference in the world.  This blog is meant to stir passion.  We believe we have something to offer the fundraising world through our experience and this is one outlet to give of ourselves.

We hope you enjoy reading as much as we have fun writing.

Jeff Schreifels and Richard Perry


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  1. Love your Top 10 series and about to pass it on to several at our university. Thank you for putting this material together and sharing it with the rest of us!

    Rendi Hahn
    Advancement Campaign Coordinator
    Abilene Christian University

  2. Grahame Ryan says:

    Gday Jeff & Richard
    Nice work. I’ve looked after relationship development work for three international NGOs in Australia, and have rarely come across anything as refreshingly honest and direct as your blog in the wide (and largely insufferable) world of fundraising musings online. Ever considered a tour downunder?

  3. Been down to your good country a number of times, Grahame. Love it! We have so much going on here it’s hard to think of even leaving the country BUT, that said, it would be fun to figure out how to pull that off. Any ideas?

    • Grahame Ryan says:

      Sorry fellas – been away. Yes – I think a bit of negotiation with the Fundraising Institute of Australia wouldn’t go astray, with a view to being guest speakers on future national conference programs. I’m speaking on their upcoming program (on bequests), which is taking place on the Gold Coast in Queensland between late Feb and early Mar 2012, so it’s probably a bit late for you to begin your run on that one. However I will speak with a couple of people I know on the committee and get back to you. Cheerio!

      • Richard Perry says:

        OK, Grahame, let us know how it turns out.

      • Nicky Jones says:

        I just wanted to add my sincere thanks for your blog which I pass on to as many people as I can. I’m in Australia fundraising too and your insightful, straightforward truths are most welcome here. Along with Grahame’s suggestion, you could also touch base with Philanthropy Australia who deliver annual conferences amongst other services.

  4. Grace Wu says:

    Dear Jeff and Richard,

    I am relatively new to Major Gifts Fundraising and have found your blog immensely helpful. I was wondering if there is a search mechanism for this blog?

    Thank you!


  5. How is it you two know me so well? It’s like you’re mind readers or something. Every post you’ve made recently is exactly the thing I needed to hear that day. Phenomenal! How did you know? : )

  6. Melissa says:

    Hello. Thank you so much for the 7 pillars. I was wondering if I could get your feedback on a specific issue. Our organization is now implementing the portfolio strategy for MGD – the issue is getting the internal organization up and running. no one knows how this impacts their daily work, there is resistance to change. do you have any tools we can use to help us communicate this internally.

  7. Richard Perry says:

    Hi, Melissa – we have a paper that outlines the process which should help the internal folks understand the process. It is too long to put here. Send me an email at rperry@veritusgroup.com so I can send it to you. Thanks.

  8. yolanda jansen says:

    Dear Jeff and Richard,

    Your blog is both an inspiration and an excellent learning tool for you.I have referred a great many MGO’s at other fundraising NGO’s to your blog. So apart from thanking you much for very valuable resource, I have to say that that I just love the title of your blog!

    Here’s my do have a question: I’ve been looking for the ultimate planning tool for quite a while now and short of creating a Excel sheet (which I rather won’t) I am yet to find a taskmaster app in which I can log and plan all the very many big and small tasks that make up major gift fundraising. I have an iPad, but haven’t been able te find an app that is both affordable and allows me to print overviews.

    An easy (and intuitive) planning tool would help increase my effectivity, as I tend to get overwhelmed with all the details that I have to think of and spend far too much time tracking and consolidating my to do’s.The organisation that I work for doesn’t have a CRM system and is using a database from 1972 that is really meant for product logistic management.

    I am turning to you with this question, because I am hoping that in the course of your consultancy you may have come accross tools or systems that excellent and efficient MGO’s use.

    Any suggestions?

    • Hi Yolanda. Thanks for your kind words. Richard and I are glad our blog is helping you in your work. I would check out the Salesforce Foundation. They give their software away free to certain non-profits and they have an excellent planning and moves management tool. If I come across other ideas i will share them here. Perhaps other readers have ideas for you as well.


      • yolanda jansen says:

        Apologies for my tardy response, but many thanks so much for your response, Jeff.
        I’ll look into the offerings of the Salesforce Foundation.

  9. Jon Hardie says:

    Grear Stuff!

  10. Cheryl HF says:

    Wish I’d found this insightful source of fundraising wisdom long ago! Thank you for addressing my shortcomings and acknowledging my strengths daily. You have become the mentors I never had. ;-}

  11. Mona says:

    Hi Richard and Jeff, I love your posts! I randomly stumbled upon your site a couple of months ago because I am interested in transitioning into this field. Your expertise in the field is obvious, and I especially like how honest and authentic you both are. I really enjoyed reading the 6-part series on Building a Culture of Philanthropy (any nonprofit should really focus on integrating this concept and not enough organizations understand it) and the self assessment piece.

    I have had experience writing grants, recruiting, and working with the board for a small organization, and I most recently managed a program with 1,000 volunteers/interns (and thankfully, with the help of 2 staff). I believe I have some transferrable skills that would be a good fit for a MGO position. Any career advice on what other types of experience/courses would help strengthen my position? I’ve considered looking at annual fund positions and working toward major gifts – any thoughts on this path?

    Thank you both so much!


    • Mona, just take the leap. if you’ve had any kind of sales background that would help you. Barring that it’s really about jumping in and start getting experience in development. If you are reading our blog you will have a pretty good idea what type of person does well in major gifts and what is expected. If you feel you fit that criteria, I would start looking around. If there are no major gift positions open in your area I would recommend taking any development position to start gaining fundraising experience with setting your eye on major gifts. Your local AFP chapter will be able to guide you on local seminars and classes pertaining to major gifts. Start taking some of those courses. But the best training is actual hands on work. Good luck, Mona! Thanks for reading.

  12. Mona says:

    Thanks for a very quick reply! It’s nice to hear that it wouldn’t be outrageous to just go for a major gifts position directly since many employers seem to be looking for direct experience (ie. x-dollars raised). Your feedback is much appreciated!


  13. Sounds great, I work in a non profit and look forward to learning for your experince 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this with us

  14. Wow! Jeff and Perry, your writing on is really Unique. Extremely brilliant..you perfectly brought out your passion and experience. I wish you all the best in your work. Brilliant!!!

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